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This year I will be participating in a challenge hosted by Lindsay Mead (aka The Book Vlogger) It is called the "Kill The TBR Challenge" In which I will be reading 12 books that I currently own that have been sitting on my bookshelves. I am starting off with a low number because I like to always feel like I accomplished my challenges but fully intend on adding more once I complete the first step.
I will also be adding my own incentive to the challenge by putting $1 in a jar every time I read one of those books off my shelf. I am hoping that once the year gets rolling I will be able to look at that jar and have a visual of what I have actually accomplished so far, and by the end of the year am looking forward to a spending spree of all new books!
So if you have books sitting on your selves I encourage you to sign up as well, committing to a challenge is always the best way to get you motivated to do something.
As I read by mood and really am not sure what books I will be re…