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Book APP Review! Pride and Prejudice and Zombies!


Special $4.99 limited time promotional price at launch!
"Winners of the 2010 Publishing Innovation Award, PadWorx did an awesome job transforming PPZ into an interactive ebook. Special features include:

Hundreds of illustrated pages full of interactive, zombie mayhem.
Buckets of gory animation.
An original musical score and sound effects.
Complete text of Pride & Prejudice & Zombies AND Jane Austen's original classic!

That's right, the original classic is also included in the app. You can hold your device right side up to enjoy PPZ, turn it upside down for the original Austen classic, OR turn it 90 degrees to read both novels side-by-side! Crazy! "

I have never reviewed an app before, but since this is a book app I thought I should! I loved this trilogy and when I saw they had an app coming out I couldn't turn it down especially because for $5 you can have the original version of the book as well as the interactive re…