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Far From War by Jeffrey David Payne

Economic ruin and partisan rancor have pushed America to the brink of a new civil war. Esther is caught in the middle, serving as a page in the United States House of Representatives when rogue politicians and military leaders stage a modern day coup d'etat. When the coup turns violent, she abandons Washington, D.C. for home. She must learn to survive on her own as transportation and financial networks fail, as the war disrupts food and water supplies. The result is a cautionary tale about political extremism and the true cost of war

Another highly enjoyable read for me. I was unsure in the beginning where the book was going to go with the main character, but fast learned why it was set up that way in the beginning. The main character is a page at the House of Representatives. I thought the rules and guidelines for being a page were very strict and unreasonable. I enjoyed the story much more after she left DC and was heading home. There is a great adventure here as she travels acr…