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Ok so my birthday is coming up on Oct 23rd and I have my blogoversary post coming up on Wednesday Oct 5th. So that's 2 things to celebrate this month. Normally I see bloggers do giveaways for both of these exciting events, but I am so low on money these days as I am saving up for the new Kindle Fire that I am dying to get my hands on but probably have to wait until Christmas. I have one signed copy of a very special Richelle Mead book I have been holding onto for this very special occasion but will be waiting until the special day for giveaway details.
But for now I thought I would take this time to give away copies of books that I have double of and by doing that I have decided to join RAK this month as well to see who may be in want of these books and send them on to loving homes.
If you have not signed up for RAK for this month I encourage you to do so, check out my list as well as others and remember, even though we don't want to think about it Christmas is around the co…