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TheBookVlogger giveaway!

As hopefully all of you know, I have met a lot of my friends through YouTube and the wonderful "booktuber" (Thanks to Tim@bumblesby for the term) Community is one that is full of great people who love to read and share that love with others. I every once in awhile do a shoutout to them here on the blog and today I wanted to tell you about a great giveaway going on over at TheBookVlogger  Lindsay is a great friend and every time she reviews a book, I feel the need to buy it immediately so I can discuss it with her further.
Not only does she have a common interest in True Blood but she is a reader, and loves to discuss her loves with others.
She not only runs her 2 Youtube channels but her own blog as well. Take a minute to check her and her mad editing skills out and join in the fun! If you do it soon enough you'll be able to enter the giveaway as well!