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NetGalleyMonth Roundup!

I competed in a challenge this month hosted by Red House Books who hosts these challenges throughout the year and unlike my tally in April I did way better this July.  
 My first Netgalley book I finished in July was Ultraviolet. I really enjoyed this book
was completely unexpected and interesting I gave it 5 stars. It's a girl who
has synesthesia and thinks she has killed a girl at her school by making her
disintigrate. The idea of synesthesia was so fascinating to me that it was a real
page turner, I recommend you pick this one up! You can view my review on
this one scheduled for September 3rd.

The next book I read from NetGalley was Misfit by Jon Skovron   
I found this one full of adventure and interesting twists. It has to do with
demons. The main character attends a Catholic school but she is also half demon.  I really did enjoy the story and gave it 4 stars. I did love the writing in this book and the very descriptive scenes throughout and the struggle that takes place. I…