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The Day I Shot Cupid by Jennifer Love Hewitt

I am posting this in advance of Valentines Day because I am dedicating the next week to the Boys. So here is a weekend post for the girls!
Here we go at another entry for the Chicklit Challenge!
In the ever daunting day of Valentines Day, expectations, spending money, reservations, silly text messages. I have decided to pick up a book by one of my favorite people in the world Jennifer Love Hewitt. Yes I am a fan of her tv shows, movies and whole acting career period. But I really enjoy her voice, if you have not experienced her music, stop reading this and listen to some right now. I really wish she had continued with her music career. Oops I have gotten off-subject.
The Day I Shot Cupid.
This book was funny!, I have to say that Jennifer really does know some aspects of men that would do every girl some good to realize.I found the majority of this book spot-on with my experiences and very eye opening realizations that will help me with future situations. She not only discusses si…