NetGalleyMonth Roundup!

I competed in a challenge this month hosted by Red House Books who hosts these challenges throughout the year and unlike my tally in April I did way better this July.  
 My first Netgalley book I finished in July was Ultraviolet. I really enjoyed this book
was completely unexpected and interesting I gave it 5 stars. It's a girl who
has synesthesia and thinks she has killed a girl at her school by making her
disintigrate. The idea of synesthesia was so fascinating to me that it was a real
page turner, I recommend you pick this one up! You can view my review on
this one scheduled for September 3rd.

The next book I read from NetGalley was Misfit by Jon Skovron   
I found this one full of adventure and interesting twists. It has to do with
demons. The main character attends a Catholic school but she is also half demon.  I really did enjoy the story and gave it 4 stars. I did love the writing in this book and the very descriptive scenes throughout and the struggle that takes place. It was very well written and a very entertaining story I recommend this one as well. I did a video review on my Youtube channel openatclose23 or you can view it here scheduled to post on Wednesday August 3rd. 

The next book that I chose was The Girl in the Steel Corset. This is only my 2nd adventure into the Steampunk world and was not disappointed. When I finished this book the first thought I had was that it was a very well paced book. After finishing it I felt completely satisfied with the story. It didn't upset me or fluster me in any of it which now a days is unusual for me, I seem to get really caught up recently in the books I am reading and this was very well paced, well written full bodied story. I don't have one negative thing to say about it. I really enjoyed that we get to see inside different characters heads instead of one the whole story. I really enjoyed Griffin's perspective and the combination of several different characters working as a team. I gave it 4 stars.

The last book that I finished was This Girl is Different. Unfortunately this book was one that made me so upset that I really did not want to type out a review on it. I had absolutely no problem with the writing style and I think that the story had a lot of potential but by the middle of the book, I almost didn't finish it. I only gave this story 2 stars and you can read my full review here. I had a lot of high hopes after reading the first couple of chapters, loved the main character, but it develops into a story of bullying, cyber and real life and I became so upset with the whole course of the story I really ended up disrespecting all of the characters and the decisions that were taken against the bullying. I also did not like how the romance was handled in the book, although it was very realistic, I did not find it very tasteful. 

Thank you so much Red House Books for hosting this challenge again, it is so fun to push yourself sometimes to get things done and I know I feel pretty good at how much I was able to get through this month. I only made it half way through my last netgalley book of Tris and Izzy, it's turning out way different than I expected and not sure how I feel about that one yet.

Thank you for stopping by my blog today!  HAPPY READING!

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