Book Review: Girl vs Ghost by Kate McMurry and Marie August

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Girl vs Ghost is a young-adult, paranormal, romantic comedy suitable for all ages.
Isabel Lindley doesn’t believe in magic, but her best friend is obsessed with witchcraft. Strictly as a favor, Isabel agrees to help with a spell and is shocked when the ghost of a teenage boy splat-lands in her bedroom. Her friend is thrilled—even though only Isabel can see or hear the ghost—but Isabel is horrified. She’s the most ordinary sixteen-year-old girl on the planet. What is she supposed to do with a ghost who doesn’t know his own name, how he died, or why the heck he’s tied to Isabel with a psychic chain? Her only hope to take back her life is to help him solve the mystery of his demise so he can go to the Light. Or wherever. She’s not particular, as long as the ghost is gone

Well the first thing that I noticed about this book was that it had some good dialogue between the characters. You learn their personality types and who they are through their dialogue between each other. I also started off not really liking any of the characters, but they started to grow on me.  
The story does shift point of views from each of the characters as they try to solve the mystery of how the ghost dropped into their lives and who he is. The story does not go into details about the characters lives and no back story, it's a mystery to solve. 
It was fun to try to solve the mystery of how the boy died and how he became attached to Isabel. He literally cannot get further than 5 feet away from her at a time. A concept I found very cute and added to the humor of the book. It was a very light and fast paced read.
This story took a plot turn around the middle of the book that I really was not expecting. . It's really nice to be surprised every once in awhile. From the description I knew the story would contain witches and ghosts, but as the story goes on there are more paranormal/supernatural beings included that make the story more interesting. 
It was written for people of all ages, so you will find it a quick read. There are comic book-like pictures throughout the book that are like the cover art featured above.
If you click on the goodreads link at the beginning of the description you can read chapter one of the book, just click on "more" at the end of the description of the book. 
For more information on the authors and the artist please see the links below.
Thank you to Marie and Kate for offering me a copy of their book for review.

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