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Wishlist Wednesday

Sorry I keep forgetting the name of the blog that hosts Wishing on Wednesday but I promise I will write it down next time! But for this WOW I am only listing one. It's one I cannot keep out of my mind and looking forward to Immensely! And it's only DAYS away before it will appear In My Mailbox

Off the Shelf Challenge

Ok, So now I can see that you guys think I'm completely crazy trying to do 3 challenges in 2011. But this challenge fits in exactly with my 50 reads I am doing for 1001 books to read before you die challenge because now I can actually commit myself to doing it and "sign on" for the challenge instead of just telling myself that I should do it. It's a little bit more of a motivation to get through these 50 books that honestly I am not completely excited to read, but think that I should really at least try, and lucky for me I have them already purchased (a long time ago) and ready to go! They have been gathering dust on my shelves way too long and need to be read. Here is a link to the challenge page itself and all of the hundreds of people that have signed up to participate!