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Author Debut Challenge

Yes, Yes you read that right! I am participating in The Author Debut Challenge hosted by The Story Siren   Her challenge concentrates on Young Adult novels that the author is a debut author and will be published in 2011. She offers prize packs for those who participate in the challenge, and who doesn't like to win stuff, especially for something as easy as reading! So throughout the next year you will see links under some of my postings letting you know which challenge I am participating in for that book and follow along, if you wish.  OR join the fun because that would be better.  The minimum amount of books to qualify for the prize pack is 12 novels. But you can read and submit as many more as they qualify throughout the year. She has a list that she keeps updated on her site that lets you know which books are ok for the challenge and I have picked at least 12 that I will be reading.…