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Chicklit Challenge 2011

I have decided to join in with the Chicklit Challenge for 2011. It will include 12 chicklit books with 2 debut authors in the mix. Please feel free to follow along with my and others progress throughout the year. I have felt that I do not read enough Chicklit because it's usually not my type of reading, but am going to give it my all to read everything I can about it before I can rightfully say that I am not a Chicklit Fan! So here we go!
 This challenge is being hosted by  and you can visit the direct link to the challenge here  You do not have to be a blogger to participate. I always find that challenging myself not only helps me figure out what I am going to read next, but also to help me read a variety of books. I have not picked you the books I will be reading just yet, But as I post for the challenge I will add the link below the post indicating this was a challenge contender. Please feel free to …