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The Lying Game by Sara Shepard

This new series by Sara Shepard will not disappoint. It is a must buy for this Holiday season for any teenager looking for a good mystery to read. Though it revolves around girls, some boys may find this story just as entertaining.  Sara takes into the world of twins, who never get the chance to meet. Separated at birth they were adopted by different families. Emma is pulled into the life of her long lost twin Sutton who seems to be missing or dead and Emma is going to figure out who and why.  The craziest thing about this novel is that Sutton was full of pranks and the whole town thinks that Emma is really Sutton playing a joke on them all. But who will believe her and who already knows the truth? This book lives up to all that Sara Shepard is as an author. If you have read any of the Pretty Little Liars series you will know immediatly what I mean.  The Lying Games series is bound to be just as popular and entertaining as her previous books and lucky for us it's being released just …