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Hush Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick VS Fallen by Lauren Kate

I was worried about picking up another book on Fallen angels. After I had gone through a huge book by Lauren Kate (Fallen) I was worried that maybe there is just not a good story behind angels that would entice me to read another. But as this one (hush hush)  was about half the size (of Fallen), I decided to give another angel book a shot before I had made up my mind that I am not team Angel.
       I do not regret reading this book (hush hush). It had a great dialogue, I was laughing out loud in some parts, and that is rare for me. This book had a lot of different stories going at the same time, weird things happening that the main character is trying to figure out. Lots of secrecy and death, stalking and people getting beat up. It added an extra element to the story that I think Fallen was missing. I know I should not compare these books to each other as different authors wrote them, but I cannot help myself since they have so many similarities and I have not published a post yet on…