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Before I Fall by Lauren Oliver

Samantha is popular, she has a boyfriend every girl drools over and the best friends a high school girl could have. They drink, smoke, flirt and tease their classmates like most any other student out there. Until one rainy day, after a late night party and lots of drinking, they are in a car accident.
       The rest of the story is Sam living that day over 7 more times. Answering each day more questions on why this has happened. But it is not a simple story of drinking and driving. There are a lot of deeper problems happening at this school than originally described in the beginning chapters of this good-sized novel by Lauren Oliver.
       My Opinion: I think this book brought out a lot of subjects that are good for discussion with today's high schools. I do not recommend this to younger teens. There is some serious talk of Sex, Drinking, Smoking, Suicide and Bullying. This book slowly unravels through Samantha's eyes what some of the other students are going through on a d…