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Hello again my fellow book readers! As you know I am a huge fan of I do not work for them, I am not an associate nor do I get paid for my opinion. But I received a lovely email from them yesterday in which I have notification that their Black Friday sale has begun and will go through Nov 30th.
They already have great low prices on good books, but now they have discounted 50% off already discounted books, not all their books are on sale but tons are, it is definitely worth the look at their website. (You know I made an order) I was really exited to see some of their new stock in, some books I have been really wanting, and now I can have them for a couple of dollars.
They also are pretty cool in the fact that you can get FREE SHIPPING off orders of $35. I was able to order 16 books for my $35 and that was the best deal I have gotten all year. So be quick about it before you lose out on this great offer!
BOOK Sales are awesome!