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Bleeding Violet by Dia Reeves

This book was "trippy" I felt like I had been drugged, seriously. I was listening to the Audio book. And one second the main character has just started at a new school, and the next she is being pulled uncontrollably towards the windows in her class because they are singing to her. Luckily a classmate grabs her tells her that if you touch the windows you will be brutally disfigured and maybe killed because there is some kind of monster living in the windows....I was seriously like "what?" This book is that crazy. But it was sooo GOOD! So her school has to wear earplugs all day so they cannot hear the windows, the pictures in her books talk to her, she can still talk and see her dead father, who helps her out of problems as if he is still there. She has a bird necklace that comes to life whenever she is in danger or tries to hurt herself.  Her mom is a complete Bitch and she just tried to kill her Aunt...and don't let me forget to mention, you can make wishes on…