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Sisters Red: by Jackson Pearce


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Hurrah! for Kick Ass Ninja girls! (they are not ninja's but are very stealthy) In her Novel Sisters Red, Jackson Pearce gives us a current day re-telling of Little Red Riding Hood. These sisters are attacked when young while living with their grandmother by a man/wolf, in which the older sister Scarlett is physically scarred while trying to defend herself and her sister from the big bad wolf, A fight in which they loose their grandmother. From then on they make a pact to become hunters and destroy all the disgusting, hairy, girl eaters, along with their neighbor Silas, they will fight until the death to defend other young girls from a very painful death.           My Opinion: This book was a great take on an old story. It represents the highest form of "girl power" the spice girls would be happy. I particularly like the romance scenes. They were not written to Harlequin-like and "icky" they we…