The Blood Countess by Tara Moss

So I came across an audiobook on this one, I was a little nervous at the beginning. I am not exactly into Fashion or the Modeling world so the first half of the book, I was not so sure about. But it had enough mystery in it a that I kept listening. But in the middle of this book, a whole bunch of interesting things happen and then some action thrown in. And I do love me some action, female kick-ass scenes with just a little romance. So let me tell you a little about this book.

Pandora English: parents deceased. She goes to New York to live with a "great aunt" that looks younger than what could have been her mother.

Her great Aunts house: not on the map, invisible to most people unless you have the exact address or are taken there by somebody else: 2 it used to be a Paranormal Studies institute and some beings are still living there. 3  A Huge Gothic Style mansion that I would kill to live in.

With some fashion help and a little bit of pushing her Great Aunt seems to help her get the perfect job working for a fashion magazine by the name of PANDORA... coincidence?

There are strange things happening around the fashion world, the magazine is handling the article for the release of a new product to take away the years...and it may or may not include blood as it's "special ingredient" And the models look an awful like Vampires, and...why does her great Aunt hate garlic?

Last but not the least: she makes out with a ghost.

 So as I discovered this is to be a series, so of course not all of my burning questions were answered, but I can tell you. I will be picking up the next one. This author is a great read. If this sounds appealing to you. Check it out:
1st Link: interactive website                2nd link: Youtube book trailer

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